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Root word – matter

Physical, not abstract

One of the most interesting aspects of inquiry into digital textuality, in my view, is that it’s been most vital in conversation with textual scholars, those who study the physical manifestations of books or manuscripts. As I was saying in class, those who study incunabula (there’s a great word!) have a lot to teach us about the period we are in now, of digital incunabula, in which everything is in flux as we try to figure out this new medium


We’ve agreed to keep a glossary for key terms we’re encountering and our notes about them. This is just to note what we decided about general practices. We’re going to have a separate note for each term. Start as many as you want and see if you can say something about them, even if it’s not definitive, even if it’s a question. Others can weigh in either by editing the original post, in which case they should note that they’ve contributed to it, or in comments on it.