Research, Write, Create

Here’s the website that goes with the recommended writing handbook for this course, Research, Writer, Create:

The book is available at the University Bookstore and it’s on reserve in the Library.

The Tools and Platforms posts and other links provided here contain a number of possibilities of other tools and platforms on which people might wish to do a demonstration or explore for a project.


Building resources (meta)

Alan Liu’s DH Toychest:

Miriam Posner:

DiRT: Digital Research Tools for Scholarly Use

E-lit authoring tools:



We’ve agreed to keep a glossary for key terms we’re encountering and our notes about them. This is just to note what we decided about general practices. We’re going to have a separate note for each term. Start as many as you want and see if you can say something about them, even if it’s not definitive, even if it’s a question. Others can weigh in either by editing the original post, in which case they should note that they’ve contributed to it, or in comments on it.