Social Media

The social media assignment: write a short paper that takes a position on an instance of social media. You should identify some instance or manageable collection of social media (e.g. a blog, a facebook group, a Twitter stream or hashtag, a Buzzfeed post) and analyze it as a form of digital writing, being conscious of the differences of platform affordances, audience, personas associated with different forms of media. Your discussion should engage with some of the details of the primary text, and engage in close reading strategies of the kind associated with literary analysis to elucidate its rhetorical components. You may focus on content, or you may decide to focus more on the formal components of your chosen text. The instance of media you are discussing needs to be accessible by me, so a private group is not eligible. Situate your discussion in relation to at least one discussion of the type of media you are discussing, and in relation to an abstract or theoretical articulation of digital writing.

We agreed to post these papers on this site. Use the “Assignments” Category, and the “social media” tag for them. If you prefer not to post your assignment publicly for any reason, there is now a general assignments folder in the dropbox in CourseLink. Please do not email me assignments.


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