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Here's a preview of my project on travel blogsssss (it's still a work in progress): http://jacquelinegratton.postach.io/


Wanderlust: Outline & Digital Strategy

So my outline is completely old school (I do not have access to a scanner right now and don't feel like illustrating it into a program because I always work with mind maps on paper much better than on technological platforms). It is a really rough outline and I didn't include quotations, but hopefully you … Continue reading Wanderlust: Outline & Digital Strategy

Wanderlust: Annotated Bibliography & Summary

Works Cited: Akehurst, Gary. β€œUser Generated Content: The Use of Blogs for Tourism Organisations and Tourism Consumers.” Serv BusΒ 3 (2008): 51–61. Web. 18 Oct. 2015. < http://journals2.scholarsportal.info.subzero.lib.uoguelph.ca/pdf/18628516/v03i0001/51_ugctuoftoatc.xml&gt;. This article refers to the expansion of user generated content on the Internet, specifically travel blogs and their effect on the travel industry. This user generated content is deemed … Continue reading Wanderlust: Annotated Bibliography & Summary